AC Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties

AC Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties and the Surrounding Areas

AC Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties - Redsteel Heating & Air ConditioningProper AC Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties is crucial for the system’s smooth functioning. Improper installation won’t just affect the unit’s cooling capabilities, but frequent maintenance issues will become the norm too. Therefore, consider the following factors when installing a split air conditioner.

Split AC Units

A split AC attaches to the wall. The air conditioning unit is no flimsy piece of equipment and carries certain level of heft. Therefore, the wall the unit is being attached to must be strong enough to bear the AC’s weight. When fixing the wall aluminum brackets, make sure they’re tilted marginally. This is because the angle enables unhindered condensed water airflow from the pipe to the AC unit.

Lower Initial AC Costs

If the primary goal is to lower the initial cost, then window units will win hands down. Their simple design makes construction much easier. All else being equal, these tend to be more affordable than split systems. Those that have a little more cash to spare can look beyond the price. Other features tend to swing the votes toward mini splits.

Proper Air Conditioning Flow

The AC unit mustn’t be mounted on the crowded portion of the wall. A split AC’s indoor unit needs a minimum of 15 centimeters in space on all its sides. This spacing ensures proper air flow and efficient cooling. Also, the split AC’s indoor unit must be hoisted at least seven to eight feet above ground for sufficient cooling.

Outdoor Unit Location

For efficient cooling, both the indoor and outdoor split AC units must be positioned in a place away from water and direct sunlight. The split AC’s outdoor component must be located in an open area so that there isn’t any obstruction for the heat dissipating from the unit’s condenser.

Outdoor AC Component Placement

The external unit should be positioned on a rigid and flat surface. The unit contains essential split AC components such as condenser, fan motor, compressor, etc. When in operation, an uneven surface can cause these parts to vibrate excessively, which could result in the breakage of coolant leakage, copper pipes, and condenser/compressor damage. In addition, the vibrating element produces disturbing levels of noise.

Distance Between Air Conditioning Units

Another major aspect of split AC installation is the distance between the outdoor and indoor AC unit. The coolant flows between the outdoor and indoor units in copper pipes. The further apart the units, the lesser the cooling effect. Thus, to decrease this loss, the distance between the two units must be as short as possible – ideally not more than 15 meters.

Choosing AC Replacement

The time for AC replacement is a chance to start over. Homeowners can choose between using the same type of cooling system and trying out a different one. For many small spaces, the choice boils down to a window unit or a mini split system. Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the room occupant to pick one according to his or her requirements.

AC Unit Installation

The installation, for instance, is much more forgiving on the walls if you have a split system. The indoor unit can be placed virtually anywhere with its small footprint. It also isn’t constrained to an outside wall. It can be positioned against an indoor wall as long as the air duct can go from this point to the outdoor unit where the bulk of actual cooling happens. The motor and condenser are located here, isolated from the air handler. It just has to be in a shaded area with enough space around the perimeter for air circulation.

Noisy AC System?

Because of the isolation, any noise generated by the outdoor unit will be muffled by the wall and windows. Users will enjoy quiet days and nights. They can work or study without being distracted by the sound. They can sleep peacefully without being woken up by the air conditioner in the middle of their slumber. Ask your AC Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties contractor about available window and split system options for your room.

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