AC Service & Repair in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties

AC Service & Repair in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties and the Surrounding Areas

AC Service & Repair in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties - Redsteel Heating & Air ConditioningFor smooth and effective functioning, an air conditioner’s coils, fins and filters should undergo regular maintenance. The fruits of such maintenance would show up in the form of lesser annual service expenses. In this article, we’ll go through some AC service tips that’ll ensure your AC doesn’t experience a steady decline in life and performance over time. But, there will be a time when AC Service & Repair in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties will necessary, for that instance, we’ll be available!

Replacing AC Filters

Clean or replace the filters routinely. Dirty, clogged filters block regular airflow and decreases efficiency substantially. Thanks to normal airflow obstruction, the air bypassing the filter could carry dust and dirt right inside the evaporator coil, impairing the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil. And this spikes up the AC’s overall energy consumption.

AC Unit Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils of an AC amass dirt with time. A clean filter ensures the evaporator coil doesn’t soil quickly. However, with time, you cannot completely stop the evaporator coil from collecting dirt. The dirt decreases airflow; the coil gets insulated and the unit’s heat-absorbing capacity takes a hit. Therefore, check the evaporator coil annually and clean the coil as per requirements.

Air Conditioner Fins and Drains

The condenser and evaporator coils’ aluminum fins can bend easily and block airflow via the coil. A fin comb is a specialized tool that restores these fins’ original condition. To keep a check on the drains, push a sturdy wire via the drain channels of the AC. Clogged channels mitigate the system from decreasing humidity, and the excess moisture that results could discolor the carpet or walls.

 Experience AC Service

Staying on top of your AC may sound simple, but things don’t work out in practice. To ensure you don’t cut the wrong wire or mess up the system as a whole, get an experienced AC service provider on-board. The money spent will be definitely worth the saved time and energy.

AC Repair Season

Summer is a time for sunny days, blue skies and the kind of ice-cream that melts… outside. When your ice-cream is melting inside – you probably are in the middle of an AC breakdown. It’s the pits right? Do not waste valuable ice-cream and spend your day wishing that your old repair crew would hurry up and get to your door. Instead, call us and let our AC repair crew get your air conditioning back up and running as promptly as possible. We understand how frustrating going without your AC can be in the summertime. That is why we will always arrive to your door quick, joyful and ready to get the job done.

Understanding AC Technicians

We know that when you have a need for repairs that it usually comes on a day when the entire house looks a T-rex came through on a pogo stick. That’s ok. We have kids and pets too. (Heck, we are pretty messy by ourselves too.) Instead of worrying about cleaning up that monster mess before we get to your door – worry about doing what makes you feel more comfortable. Relax and have a glass of lemonade. Leave the mess. We don’t mind.

Local AC Repair

When you are in need of the AC repair that the locals trust to keep their home’s comfortably cool year round, we hope that you will give us a call. We know that you will notice our character and how hard we work to ensure that the job is done right the first time. We look forward to serving you and helping you to get back to eating the kind of ice-cream that only melts outside.

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