Furnace Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties

Furnace Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties

Furnace Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties - Redsteel Heating and Air ConditioningCentral heating systems present multiple choices, which could be used for creating a heating environment that best suits your house, budget and usage requirements. With these many options, which central heating installation plan do you opt for? Let’s find out and also learn a tad about the Furnace Installation & Replacement in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties process.

Heating Installation Factors

The most basic and important thing you should consider is your scenario. Several factors need consideration, but the most fundamental are the number of radiators in the house, and the number of rooms and floors requiring coverage. You may even plan to not leave out stairway landings, hallways, or the entrance lobby. So keep these aspects in mind when proceeding with the heating installation.

Heating Replacement

Heating units that are more than ten years old have already provided a great deal of service to the homeowners. They may be retired in favor of a brand new unit that can pick up where they left off. It’s an exciting time to conduct a heating replacement project with so many innovative technologies being developed. Buyers are spoiled for choice as the market is more diverse today than ever before. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a replacement:

Traditional vs. Unconventional Systems

Traditional systems have been tried and tested. They are dependable and predictable. They are relatively affordable and aftermarket services will not be an issue. There are lots of parts available and technicians who are experts in their installation, maintenance and repair. Unconventional systems, on the other hand, are exciting because they use renewable sources like solar and geothermal energy to generate heat. They are eco-friendly but they cost more than traditional systems.

Heating Capacity

The heating capacity will have to be taken into consideration if the house has undergone some sort of remodeling and has gotten additional living spaces as a result. This could be a basement, an attic, or a sun-room. The capacity of the previous unit cannot be simply copied because the floor space has expanded. New computations must be conducted by the contractor to find an appropriate size for the heating replacement.

Determine Ducting Layout

Prior to installation, find out where the ducting would run. If you have renovated or updated your house recently, the actual plan details will help during this process. The most crucial aspect is determining if your home has a crawl space or cellar, a crawlspace or attic, or both. In case both exist, decide where the vent openings should go – floors or ceilings, or both. Cut openings for the vent in the ceiling or floor and install openings for the metal duct. Use a drywall saw for ceiling openings, and use a wood saw for floor openings.

Decide Air Handler and Furnace Positioning

Decide where the air handler and furnace would head and do the mounting as per manufacturer directives. Route the furnace ducting to the furthermost opening. Have a Y-pipe installed for every duct opening. The addition of another Y-pipe would let the room’s two openings come in close proximity to each other. The hard ducting must be installed within three feet from the duct opening – use flexible ducting for connection. This process should be repeated for each duct opening. If required, use a duct cap to cap the primary duct.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Aside from the initial cost of the units, buyers must consider the amount they are likely to spend throughout the service life of these machines. Fuel cost will largely be determined by system efficiency so try to look for highly rated models. The type of fuel will of course have to be factored in. Some are more expensive than others. In the case of solar, the fuel source is sunlight which is essentially free.

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